Bruno Giarrizzo

Freelance DevOps and Developer. I can participate to multiple type of projects : Specific development, Refactoring, Webapps, APIs, etc

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I’m an experienced Developer and DevOps, and have been working with technology since I was a kid.

I’ve written code as a developer and worked as a SysAdmin for startups, retailers, e-merchants, Financial Institutions, and even French territorial organisms.

My little girl, Me, and my dog, thanks to my wife for taking the picture :)

About Me

Hello ! I am Bruno, from north of France, married, and dad of a little girl.

My Skillset includes :

  • System administration : I Worked for five years as a SysAdmin with heterogenous infrastructures.
  • Automation : Experience showed me that when you reduce as mush as possible human interraction with an infrastructure, errors are less likely to show up !
  • Clean Coding : When I am writing code, i always think about who will read it, and how it can evolve.
  • Continuous Refactoring : As it is said, perfection is not reached when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to remove.
  • Security : Zero Result in a security audit is my goal.

In my opinion, to reach success for a software product, it needs two key ingredients : Focus on the value for the end-user and set up the very best technical practices.

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You could follow me on Twitter and I am occasionaly livestreaming on Twitch

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