Bruno Giarrizzo

Freelance DevOps and Developer. I can participate to multiple type of projects : Specific development, Refactoring, Webapps, APIs, etc

Feel free to reach me

I’m an experienced Developer and DevOps, and have been working with technology since I was a kid.

I’ve written code as a developer and worked as a SysAdmin for startups, retailers, e-merchants, Financial Institutions, and even French territorial organisms.

My little girl, Me, and my dog, thanks to my wife for taking the picture :)

About Me

Hello ! I am Bruno, from north of France, married, and dad of a little girl.

My Skillset includes :

  • System administration : I Worked for five years as a SysAdmin with heterogenous infrastructures.
  • Automation : Experience showed me that when you reduce as mush as possible human interraction with an infrastructure, errors are less likely to show up !
  • Clean Coding : When I am writing code, i always think about who will read it, and how it can evolve.
  • Continuous Refactoring : As it is said, perfection is not reached when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to remove.
  • Security : Zero Result in a security audit is my goal.

In my opinion, to reach success for a software product, it needs two key ingredients : Focus on the value for the end-user and set up the very best technical practices.

Reach Me Out

If you want to work with me, feel free to fill the form on this page.

You’ll recieve then a link with my availability so that we can call each other :)

You could follow me on Twitter or Instagram, but these accounts are not actives anymore, and exists only for my web presence. I am occasionaly livestreaming on twitch

You can also follow me through my blog RSS Feed.